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Fuckin made my night.

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IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS NEW CHAMP OMG I hope he is support…I’m already in love.

Even if you don’t play League, this animation is still really nice and adorable.

Watch it here!

Oh, hey, I got to help out on some cleanup in this thing.

I admit I don’t know much about League of Legends, but you should check out the full thing in the link above!

Hell yeah, good buddies worked on this!

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New Monster Hunter 4G trailer ⊟

You, too, will be able to hunt huge dinosaur/crab-like monsters in the desert — and get your shit wrecked — when this hits the West in early 2015. Japan gets the 3DS game this fall.

BUY Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, upcoming games

Hermitaur is BACK!

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  • Why Internet Jerks Aren’t Going to Win, And You Can Help

Depression Quest designer Zoe Quinn joined me on stage at PAX East 2014 to talk about the Internet, and how we can make things just a tiny bit better. Here’s the full video from that panel, and if you want to listen to an audio version, that’s available here. As someone that struggles with attending PAX, given its history, I try my damndest to do good while I’m there. This panel is part of that.

Great stuff, Patrick Kelpek and Zoe Quinn and are wonderful people.

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Two can play at these games.

Finish reading Your Love Life, As Described by Videogames

Did some more stuff for COLLEGEHUMOR!

Coleman, you’re an inspiration.

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Nintendo 3DS games i want in the west - Part 2
Dragon Quest VII- Square Enix - Trailer

Gotta keep dreaming. SOMEDAY!!!

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this is the real first page of a real book by a real Fox News host

Amazing. Amazing. I will never be able to write satire as good as the real thing, and it kills me inside.

I kind of hope this was ghostwritten by someone less insane; I hope they had a blast.

My favourite bit is the dirty dancing bit because he got to the end of the sentence and realised he’d have to use ‘dance’ twice and sat there for twenty minutes going, “There’s got to be another way of saying ‘square dance’,” and there is but it’s ‘barn dance’ which is even clumsier, and he sat there for ages doing that and eventually gave up. He did a big sigh and if it was a ghostwriter he went, “It’s not worth it; who cares,” but if it was the real guy he went, “No, that’s good. That’s… that sounds good. Sounds honest. This is good.”

I thought this WAS satire at first. He could have just written “change terrifies the piss out of me because I am a sad strange little man”

Who even says girls were girls and men were men in the 2010s? Does he know Archie Bunker isn’t supposed to be a role model?

Wait a minute… Obama wants to take away our sweet tea??? AND TO THINK I VOTED FOR HIM!