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Around April of last year my friend, Jamie Vickers, encouraged Ben Li and I to apply to animate on Masaaki Yuasa’s “Space Dandy” episode.  Yuasa-san was apparently looking for international animators and posted about it on his Facebook wall.  We turned in our reels and promptly got the gig.

I decided to only take on four shots just to feel it out and to make sure I got it all in on time. 

The Carpaccio animation and shadow passes weren’t used in the final cut, but I decided to include them for this post to show what was turned in and approved.  The rest of the drawings I did came through though!  Very exciting to see the final animation all cleaned up, colored and cut together.

Yuasa-san was very open to us using Flash to animate our shots.  The production took the final keys (genga’s), printed them out, retraced onto paper and inbetweened those drawings.  It’s a pretty wild pipeline, but it totally worked.  I am grateful to have experienced working under one of my most favorite directors, Masaaki Yuasa-san.  

If granted the opportunity I would like to do more animations for Yuasa-san and other overseas productions in the future.  For now I will continue working on my personal project that I aim to get done before the end of the year. 

Space Dandy

Ep 3 Season 2

"Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Baby!"

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This show. Oh my God this show

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Enjoy. :)

Well, it’s finally completed. Fans all across the internet using their individual styles to create a recreation of an episode of Sailor Moon. Not too shabby. 

Congratulations to all involved.

Oh shit! I did one scene in this! Go watch it!

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The short I directed on for ADHD debuted today!

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"The battle, by definition, is over…"

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PARKER SIMMONS / I Love You Mao Mao teaser 1:18

This is a teaser for an upcoming short by Parker Simmons, a director/animator/lover at Titmouse! I Love You Mao Mao stars Mao Mao, the explosive, masterful sheriff of the Snuggleshire who’ll do ANYTHING to maintain law and order.

On the top left is the first ever drawing of Mao Mao, followed by some poses/concepts! Mao Mao’s color scheme is based on Link at the end of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Black, red and green with a gold sword!

The first drawings of Adorabat (above) followed by some poses (below). The decision was made to nix the wing hands and just give him/her straight up flaps.

Adorabat is Mao Mao’s A-Number 1 deputy. (S)he loves action, secrecy and violence. Adorabat is a little TOO excited to work with his/her hero, Mao Mao.

The first drawings of Bearclops (above). Titmouse Art Director Antonio Cannobio gave the note to get rid of the muzzle and make his mouth more graphic.

Bearclops is Mao Mao’s best friend and deputy. He’s level-headed, relaxed and quick-witted. He’s just about the only person who could crack jokes about the Sheriff and keep his head. His robotic arm holds many secrets.

The new short will be out before you know it, and you’ll get to know these jokers a bit more then. Until that time, here’s the official model sheet for the Sheriff!

You guys been following shirts and shorts? You should! They show off a bunch of great shorts by Titmice and also debut cool shirts.

I love this cartoon with all of my twisted black heart.

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When I get bored, I start thinking weird thoughts.

Like, “what if, instead of classic inspirational quotes, Zen Pencils made dynamic comics around dril tweets?”

Original comics/art by Gavin Aung Than

Words by dril